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We have a very large catalog with hundreds of options. Below are our recommendations for the best products to order. If you are interested in seeing our entire catalog, call us at (630) 326-9191 and a sales representative will guide you through finding garments. If you have a certain brand or style that you prefer, just let your sales representative know!


Custom Tee_Gildan_2000.jpg

Gildan #2000 - Ultra Cotton Short Sleeve T Shirt - $3.69

Custom Long Sleeve Tee_Gildan_5400.jpg

Gildan #2400 - Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve T Shirt - $6.87

Custom Hoodie_Gildan_18500.jpg

Gildan #18500 - Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirt - $15.10

Custom Tee_Bella_+_Canvas_3001.jpg

Bella + Canvas #3001 - Unisex Short Sleeve Jersey Tee - $4.83

Custom Tee_Bella_+_Canvas_6004.jpg

Bella + Canvas #6004 - Women's Favorite Tee - $4.66

Custom Raglan_Bella_+_Canvas_3200.jpg

Bella + Canvas #3200 - Unisex Three-Quarter Sleeve Baseball T Shirt - $8.77

Custom Tank Top_Bella_+_Canvas_3480.jpg

Bella + Canvas #3480 - Unisex Jersey Tank - $6.40

Custom V Neck_Bella_+_Canvas_6005.jpg

Bella + Canvas #6005 - Women's Short Sleeve Jersey V Neck Tee - $7.36

Custom Hoodie_Bella_+_Canvas_3512.jpg

Bella + Canvas #3512 - Unisex Long Sleeve Jersey Hooded Tee - $13.51

Custom Hoodie_Bella_+_Canvas_3739.jpg

Bella + Canvas #3739 - Unisex Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt- $22.17

Custom Hoodie_Independent_Trading_Co._SS4500.jpg

Independant Trading Co. #SS4500 - Midweight Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt - $17.39

Custom Hoodie_Independent_Trading_Co._SS4500Z.jpg

Independent Trading Co. #SS4500Z - Midweight Hooded Full Zip Up Sweatshirt - $18.39

Custom Tee_American_Apparel_2001W.jpg

American Apparel #2001W - Fine Jersey Tee - $5.16

Custom Tee_American_Apparel_2102W.jpg

American Apparel #2102W - Women's Fine Jersey Tee - $5.16

Custom Hoodie_American_Apparel_5495W.jpg

American Apparel #5495W - Cali Fleece Pullover Hoodie - $23.76

Custom Tank Top_Alternative_4031.jpg

Alternative Apparel #4031 - Women's Shirttaill Tank Top - $9.15


Here you can find more information on how to calculate your own quote. We understand how confusing screen printing pricing can become, so feel free to either fill out our 'Get A Quote' option below, or give us a call at (630) 806-4910. From there a sales representative will be designated in assisting you in placing the smartest order!


  1. First, figure out your garment price to start your quote. Visit our 'Catalog' to find the garment you'd like to print on and see its price. 
  2. Next, use the Print Price chart below to figure out how much printing will cost. Based on your number or locations and the total quantity of your, you will find your price per piece printing cost.
  3. If your design has more than 1 color, use the same chart below to add the cost of each additional color based on your total quantity.







Opened in 2016 Black Cactus Print House has focused on producing high quality custom t shirts, hoodies, and other types of clothing for businesses, groups, events, bands, artists, etc. We offer different types of printing but specialize in the discharge method. With our special printing method your logo or design will come out flawless. Instead of laying the print on top of the fabric our printing method dyes your logo or design into the garment. We work with a variety of industries from restaurants, gyms, breweries, artists, and bands. After years of working in the industry, prior to opening our business; we came to understand the common difficulties while ordering custom apparel and have tailored our process to address each possible error before it arises. With our hands on process you can feel like you are 100% in control of how your garment is going to come out. We will send mock ups, screenshots, even samples if that is what it takes to ensure perfection. Not everybody understands how to use design software to draw up an idea, or figure out the perfect sizing and layout of your logo onto a garment. That's why we are here to help! We offer free art services for companies, groups or events that do not have a logo. Or we offer free art consultations if you already have a logo but feel like you could turn things up a notch.




Over years of printing and communicating with clients, we have found ways to eliminate as many of the typical issues when ordering custom apparel as possible. Here are a few ways we can help make your process easier:


Risk Free Options

Ordering large amounts of merchandise can get you the best price
per piece, but placing that order is a big step to take. We have
a few options to help make that step a little easier.

  • We offer a $50 sample deposit which will get you 3 samples with variations to test out which color garment, print color or garment style you might want to use. You keep the shirts and we credit that $50 towards your order above our 10 piece minimum.
  • Once you are ready to place an order above our 10 piece minimum, we ask for 50% of the total to begin the order, and the rest is due once you receive or pick up the order and are happy with the result!

Artwork Quality Standards

Submitting artwork to be printed is an important part of the
process, making sure that artwork is the highest resolution is a
key step in making a flawless final product.

  • If you don’t have a vector copy of your design, we will optimize your artwork to get the sharpest prints possible. If you don’t have a design yet, first time clients will get artwork created from scratch for free! For returning clients, our $30 art service gets you a few options to choose from based off your idea. 
  • Your company’s image is important, so the specific colors of your logo should be consistent throughout your merchandise and marketing. Instead of matching your colors to pre made ink colors,we hand mix each color to order.


Best Possible Product

We have a large catalog of various styles and colors that we actually
have experience ordering and printing on. This allows us to suggest
the best fit for your ideas and ways to place strategic orders to get
the best price and best quality. We also use a process of printing
called “Discharge” printing, which we use over other methods for
a few reasons:

  • Discharge printing subtracts pigments from the garment instead of applying ink on top. This results in a print so soft you can’t feel the design, making one very comfortable product.
  • Since the design is dyed into the shirt rather than dried on top, your logo with not conduct heat or stick to your skin while working,maximizing “breathability”.
  • Not only is the product more comfortable, but the lifespan of our prints is much longer than the typical plastisol inks, which will crack and peel off after washing many times.

If you are new to ordering merchandise or frequently order custom
apparel, we can help simplify the process. Fill out a consultation form
on our ‘request a quote’ tab and a sales representative will contact you
with mock up images, a quote and any helpful suggestions for placing
the smartest order.

  • Our clients range from independent clothing  brands to large corporate restaurants, so we can adjust to any budget. Let your sales representative know if you have a price point you are aiming to reach and we can cater your options to your game plan.
  • Once your deposit is made for the order, we need 7 business days to complete production, unless otherwise mentioned for larger orders. If anything goes wrong or a flaw is found in your product, let us know and we will replace any print defects or mistakes.
  • Our sales representatives have experience in strategically ordering merchandise and will provide tips to maximize the potential of your order. Whether you prefer a more affordable price, or are looking for a high quality, let us know and we can show you your options!

Hands On Customer Service